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Visit with family and the ALC Mosaic School

I'm so excited to share some photos from our visit with Tomis Parker, Nancy Tilton, and their beautiful son Huxley! Laura and Nick Furman and their two kids, Emma and Caleb, jumped in on the fun, too, with a short (~12 hour) trip from PA to NC. But we all knew the travel was well worth it.

The school is a pretty amazing place, and the space is ideal for the independent structure of education they are providing. It has an "estate" feel, which reminded me of the Xavier's School for the Gifted. No, I didn't see any X-men, but the children may have super powers.

We arrived early on a Friday, school was in session, and I was recruited to help teach a Spanish class. A small group of six children wanted to learn Spanish; I was amazed at how fearless they were and how they truly wanted to be in the room to learn.

After class ended, we gathered together with our family and began our visit. I grew up with four cousins and can still remember the feeling of excitement I had whenever they came over. They were older and cooler but never too cool to not want to play some basketball, baseball, wiffleball, football (both American and international), help with school projects, play Pictionary, or just tell stories and make us laugh. I cherish those memories, and at the time didn't imagine that one day I would have a son with a group of cousins who get along so well and love each other without even understanding what love is. They are connected though something more, and it's beautiful to witness. I hope the future brings many more times together, so their bond only grows.

Please scroll down to view and enjoy the photos below, and if you wish to learn more about ALC Mosaic, click HERE.

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