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Jones Point Park Family Session

Have you ever thought about what role you take on in your family? Are you "The Rock" that provides stability or "The Glue" that holds everyone together? When I booked this session with the Smith family, Amanda pointed me in the direction of Jones Point Park and the beautiful backdrop of the Woodrow Wilson Memorial Bridge. I'd never been to this location, but the thought of the bridge piqued my interest and made me reflect on what a bridge represents in the context of a family.

Bridges are strong structures that help us pass over an obstacle.

I think we all can think of a time when we overcame an obstacle with the help of our family. Perhaps each individual pulled together for the sake of the unit. Maybe one brother, sister, best friend, or even pet was the one carrying you over to better days. It's the ideal time in my life to reflect on this metaphor as big changes have come, and my family is learning to walk proudly on to them together.

With that said, it was an unusually warmer day in November for this shoot, yet the breeze put a little chill through us when in the shade. We managed to keep moving, tried a few different locations within the park, and came out with some great shots.

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